Are Covid-19 Vaccines Promoting the Formation

Public Well being officers appear to not understand the possible function of Covid-19 vaccines in hastening the event of stealth tailored coronaviruses. Certainly, they’ve nonetheless not accepted the existence of widespread human infections with stealth tailored monkey-derived viruses. These viruses have been inadvertently launched into people from polio vaccines. This occurred because the consequence of utilizing polio vaccines grown within the cultured kidney cells of cytomegalovirus contaminated monkeys.

A defective assumption is that the present Covid-19 vaccines present immunity that’s akin to that of pure infections. That is clearly not so. First, the vaccine is given by intramuscular injections, whereas pure infections happen through the respiratory mucosa. Intramuscular injections aren’t notably efficient in stimulating the event of mucosal immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies or resident cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL). The lowered stage of vaccine induced mucosal immunity signifies that upon publicity to SARS-CoV-2 virus, a proportion of vaccinated people will doubtless purchase a persisting, subclinical an infection that’s restricted to the superficial respiratory mucosa. Public Well being authorities allude to this risk by insisting that those that are immunized might want to proceed carrying masks. The persisting low-level infections will, nonetheless, present the chance for the emergence of virus variants. A few of these might be extra infectious, whereas others might be higher capable of evade vaccine evoked immunity and, due to this fact, develop into extra widespread all through the physique.

The second main distinction between the vaccine and pure an infection is FDA’s allowance of the usage of a single virus element within the vaccine, specifically the spike protein. It’s far simpler for virus modification, and even deletion, of a single element than it’s for concurrent adjustments to happen within the a number of antigens focused by immunity to pure infections. Deletion of the spike protein is feasible since coronaviruses produce other technique of getting into into cells. The virus can then extra simply endure adjustments within the remaining genes that code for the comparatively few virus elements sometimes focused by mobile immunity.

The persistence of subclinical infections as a result of relative lack of mucosal immunity achieved by intramuscular injections and the systemic immune response being restricted to solely the spike protein, can lead extra quickly than will pure an infection, to the formation of stealth tailored coronaviruses. A corollary of this premise is that the English, South African, and Brazillian variants most likely originated in particular person individuals of the exactsign schnelltest vaccine trials performed in every of the nations. With wider vaccine use, many extra variants, together with stealth tailored coronaviruses, are to be anticipated.

Stealth adaptation has one other very regarding characteristic. It’s the incorporation of further genetic sequences which are most likely required for the virus to regain infectivity. The added sequences can come from the mobile genome and from the genomes of different microbes. This has, for instance, allowed polio vaccine derived stealth tailored viruses to carry monkey mobile sequences into people.

The mind is especially vulnerable to symptomatic diseases brought on by stealth tailored viruses. These viruses might be cultured from sufferers with the power fatigue syndrome (CFS) and likewise from kids with autism. The Lengthy Covid syndrome has many medical options in frequent with CFS. Till confirmed in any other case, the Lengthy Covid syndrome needs to be thought-about as a viral sickness with the potential of human to human transmission, together with throughout being pregnant. It’s essential to start culturing blood samples from sufferers with the Lengthy Covid syndrome and to sequence any ensuing viruses.

Though the mobile immune system will usually not have interaction with stealth tailored viruses they’ll nonetheless be suppressed through the choice mobile vitality (ACE) pathway. This pathways has doubtless preceded photosynthesis in crops and the acquiring of vitality by all life types from the metabolism of meals. In people and animals, the mind might be the most important receiver of the life-force vitality for the ACE pathway. The attracted vitality is then transferred to the physique’s fluids the place it’s expressed as an added kinetic exercise. The vitality is termed KELEA, an abbreviation for Kinetic Power Limiting Electrostatic Attraction. KELEA may also be added to water, which is then termed KELEA excellerated water. Wearable pouches containing this water and inhaling nebulized mists from the water are being evaluated as easy technique of enhancing the ACE pathway. These approaches can seemingly suppress each typical and stealth tailored virus diseases.

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