Dental Mouth Guards and Splints

Many individuals undergo from nocturnal grinding of the tooth, clenching of the jaw, and different TMJ problems. TMJ stands for tempromandibular joints, that are the joints of the jaw that join the mandible (the decrease jaw bone) to the cranium.

Tooth grinding, in any other case generally known as bruxism, could be attributable to stress, hyper-activeness, or a misalignment of the tooth or jaw. Tooth grinding and jaw clenching could cause various levels of ache and discomfort. These habits may weaken tooth and trigger chipping and sporting. If left untreated, tooth grinding can result in an eventual breakdown of the tooth, jaw ache, complications, lack of sleep, and different TMJ problems.

Dental mouth guards and splints can relieve ache, discomfort, and put on attributable to tooth grinding and jaw clenching. Specialty mouth guards can be corrective, conditioning the physique to cease grinding the tooth or clenching the jaw. These mouth guards are to be worn at evening, throughout sleep to forestall the ache and discomfort related to nocturnal bruxism.

One of the widespread kinds of dental mouth guards getting used right now is the complete higher mouth guard/splint. This therapeutic devise is constructed of a specialty materials and could be constructed to your mouth’s precise specs by your dentist. Mostly, the mouth guard suits over all the higher tooth, however can be long-established for the decrease set of tooth, ought to that be needed, whereas offering the identical outcomes. The total higher mouth guard, generally known as a chunk plate, holds the jaw in a extra snug place throughout sleep, lowering jaw clenching and tooth grinding.

The NTI is one other kind of mouth splint which may be used to deal with jaw clenching, tooth grinding, and different TMJ problems. In contrast to the complete higher mouth guard, which covers all the higher tooth, the NTI is worn solely across the prime entrance tooth. These units are additionally customized match to your mouth’s specs, and might cut back clenching as much as 66%.

Whereas not harmful, tooth grinding and clenching could cause issues if not correctly handled. If the reason for these habits is because of structural issues with the jaw or tooth, then using a san jose oral appliance therapy dental mouth guard or splint is among the greatest methods to right the issue. Whereas sleeping, these chunk plates will trigger the jaw to settle right into a extra snug place, thereby eliminating the physique’s unconscious want to grind the tooth or clench the jaw. Seek the advice of your dentist to see if using a mouth guard might help you.

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