How to Handle Moving with a Disability or Chronic Illness in London, Ontario

Moving Mountains (or Boxes): A Guide to Relocating with a Disability or Chronic Illness in London, Ontario

Moving is a stressful experience for everyone, but for those with disabilities or chronic illnesses, it can feel insurmountable. However, with careful planning and resourcefulness, you can navigate your London, Ontario relocation with confidence. This guide will equip you with strategies to make your move smoother, ensuring a successful transition to your new home.

Planning is Paramount:

  • Start Early: Don’t underestimate the time a move takes, Movers near me especially if you have accessibility needs. Begin planning at least 3-4 months in advance.
  • Inventory and Declutter: Chronic illness can make decluttering overwhelming. Break it down into manageable chunks – tackle one room or category (kitchen gadgets!) at a time. Consider donating or selling items to declutter efficiently.
  • Research Accessible Movers: Look for London-based movers with experience handling furniture for people with disabilities. Inquire about staff training in safe lifting techniques for individuals with specific needs.
  • Schedule Medical Appointments: Ensure you have a refill of medications and schedule any necessary doctor’s appointments well in advance of the move to avoid disruptions in care.

Making Your New Place a Haven:

  • Accessibility Scouting: Before signing a lease, visit potential apartments or houses to assess accessibility features. Look for wide doorways, accessible washrooms (grab bars, roll-in showers), and ease of maneuverability within the space.
  • Connect with London’s Accessibility Resources: The City of London offers resources like the Accessible Housing Registry and the Independent Living Centre: [invalid URL removed] to help you find suitable housing.
  • Smart Packing: Pack an “essentials” box containing medications, important documents, and comfort items you’ll need readily available upon arrival in your new home.

Moving Day Maneuvers:

  • Delegate and Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks! Hire professional packers if needed, and enlist friends, family, or even volunteer organizations for packing and lifting heavy items.
  • Plan for Rest Breaks: Schedule ample rest breaks throughout the moving day, factoring in your limitations. Listen to your body and pace yourself to avoid exacerbating symptoms.
  • Prepare a Comfort Oasis: Set up a designated area in your new home with familiar items like pillows, blankets, and medications. This will provide a safe haven during the unpacking chaos.

Settling In:

  • Connect with Local Support: Reach out to disability or chronic illness support groups in London. These groups offer invaluable social connection, shared experiences, and local knowledge.
  • Explore Accessible London: The City of London prioritizes accessibility. Get a copy of the Accessibility Map: [invalid URL removed] to find accessible parks, buildings, and public transportation options.
  • Maintain Your Routine: As much as possible, stick to your established routines for medication, sleep, and self-care. Consistency helps manage symptoms and promotes a smoother adjustment.

Additional Resources:

  • The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies: [invalid URL removed] offers resources and information on disability rights and inclusion.
  • The Ontario Disability Support Program: [invalid URL removed] provides financial support for some individuals with disabilities.


Moving with a disability or chronic illness can be challenging, but you don’t have to face it alone. By planning ahead, accessing available resources, and prioritizing your well-being, you can transform your London relocation into a positive and empowering experience.

Bonus Tip: Consider incorporating assistive technology into your move. Packing aids, grabber tools, and even voice-activated smart speakers can streamline tasks and minimize physical strain.

With a little extra planning and a supportive network, your London move can be the first step towards a comfortable and fulfilling new chapter in your life.

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